Bruce Walters Ford believes that an important part of car ownership is being informed. Knowing a few basic car care tips is beneficial to any driver. Here are a few things you should be familiar with when it comes to properly maintaining your vehicle.

Driving and Observing Your Car

Most car owners use their vehicle on a daily basis. You could be one of the few who only drive a vehicle a few times each week. It is important that your vehicle does not sit for prolonged periods of time. You should be driving periodically, and you should also be observing the car's performance.

The warning indicators on your dashboard are often the first sign that attention is needed. When you see an indicator, you should take measures to perform a basic check. For example, a check engine light could mean that your vehicle is low on motor oil.

If the warning lights don't go out after you have checked for minor issues, you should bring your car into our service center for an inspection.

Learn How to Perform Basic Car Care

Every car owner in Pikeville, Kentucky needs to know how to check oil and other fluid levels, change a tire, and perform other types of basic routine maintenance.

Checking the oil level involves removing the dipstick that goes into the engine. It is always located near the top of the motor close to the oil cap. You should check the oil level when your car is cool. Be sure to remove the dipstick, wipe it down, and reinsert before checking the oil level.

Other fluids such as power steering fluid and coolant are also checked in the same basic way. You should never open a hot radiator. Learning how to check tire pressure can also be useful.

Schedule a Service Appointment in Pikeville, Kentucky

We want to invite you down to Bruce Walters Ford in Pikeville, KY where we can perform all types of routine service and automotive maintenance. Our technicians are certified to work on all makes and models, so schedule your appointment today.

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